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ALtracs® Plus

Altracs® Plus
New Thin Thread Technology for Light Alloys

ALtracs® Plus


High joint-strength

Safety against dynamic loads

Consistently high clamp loads

Self locking vibration resistance

Easy lead-in, low drive torque

Opportunity to reduce installation depth

Compatible with metric machine threads 

ALtra Calc Software validates applications, speeding up engineering development time

ALtra Calc Software Screen Shot


ALtracs® Plus Flank AnglesThe small 33° flank angle of the ALtracs® Plus creates a stronger female thread in the mating material

ALtracs® Plus Circular BodyCircular body shape provides a larger area of thread engagement

ALtracs® Plus Tapered ThreadTapered thread forming lead-in with sharp crested threads

ALtracs® Plus Thread CompatibilityThread compatibility - the ALtracs® Plus thread is design to be completely interchangeable with metric machine thread

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