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Value Analysis & Engineering

VA/VE Services

The purpose behind Semblex’s VA/VE (Value Analysis / Value Engineering) program is to use our technical expertise to provide engineering-based solutions to our customers for improvements of their products and processes, which save time and money.

Semblex’s approach to VA/VE begins with building strong relationships with our customers.  We offer technical assistance to our customers at every stage of the design, implementation, and production cycle.  This level of involvement gives us advantages in finding VA/VE opportunities. 


Examples of VA/VE Cost-Savings:

Engineering Examples

Part consolidations

Elimination of tapping operations

Elimination of hardware (threaded inserts or nuts)

Screw machine conversions

Reduction in application scrap

Solutions to assembly problems


VA/VE Approach:

VA/VE Approach

Line Walks

Application Review

Application Testing

Product Teardowns

Product & Assembly Cost Analysis

Part & Assembly Quality Issues

Semblex In-House Training Program