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Lightweighting Designs

Automotive Lightweighting and Manufacturing Solutions

Today’s technology presses for ideas to reduce the weight out of all types of consumer goods. From automobiles that need to achieve greater fuel efficiency to evaluating different assembly methods for alternative materials that lead to a less costly, product friendly experience - the focus is falling more and more on fasteners to help achieve these goals.

Semblex is committed to helping achieve real results by offering a wide host of fasteners. The following recommendations represent a few ways in which the correct fastener selection can provide breakthrough assembly methods when trying to reach weight reduction requirements.

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Light MetalLight Metals

Most commercial light weighting efforts focus on replacing steel with lighter metals such as Aluminum, Magnesium, and Zinc. These fasteners are specially designed to provide maximum performance and repeatability in these special materials.

Featured Products - ALtracs® PlusTAPTITE PRO®, Mag-Form®

Thin Sheet MetalThin Sheet

Sheet metal can be used to replace heavier cast components. However, due to the small material thickness, special fasteners are needed to provide adequate thread engagement.

Featured Products - SHEETtracs®, FASTITE® 2000™


Utilizes the Flow-Drill process to not only drill the holes to fasten into but also to create an extruded boss for the screw threads.

Featured Products - FDS®FastFlow® FDS®

Performance Plastic FasteningPerformance Plastic Fastening

Traditional plastic fasteners are inefficient and require more material in the screw and boss. These higher performance fasteners allow design changes for shorter screws and smaller bosses.

Featured Products - EVO PT®DELTA PT®, REMFORM®II™

Removing Locking HardwareRemoving Locking Hardware

Many solutions for preventing fastener loosening involve adding additional hardware such as lock washers, lock nuts, brass inserts and applied patches. These can often be replaced by lighter fasteners.


Head HeightReducing Head Material

Traditional internal and external hex drives require excessive wrenching height resulting in tall head designs.  Using new drive technologies, we can reduced head heights and weight without compromising installation performance.

Featured Products - Mortorq® Super, External Torx Plus® Low Profile Head