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Rolok® HS®

Optimized Thread Forming Fastener for High-Strength Steels

Fastener for High Strength Steel, Rolok® HS®


Ability to form threads in high-strength steels

High stripping torque typical of round body fasteners

Low thread forming torque due to proprietary Rolok® feature

Reduced required end load for improved assembly ergonomics

Increased torsional strength for thread forming in thick steel materials


Large upper flank angle changes thread loading from shear to compression eliminating thread collapse

Proprietary torque reducing Rolok® feature innovatively adapted for high-strength steels

Formed threads will accept standard machine screws

Round body allows for thread rolling into asymmetrical holes

Available in short point configurations

Rolok® HS® Video Presentation

Rolok® HS® for High Strength DP1180 Steel with Laser Cut Holes Video

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Rolok® HS® Brochure

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