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Torx Plus®

Torx Plus
Enhanced Productivity and Tool Life

Torx Plus

TORX Plus® Rendering   


100% average improvement in driver bit life over Torx®

25% average improvement in driver bit torsional strength 

Compatible with existing Torx® bits

Torx Plus® with Autosert® allows for drive bit insertion while turning, increasing productivity and cycle time.


Elliptically based geometry provides increased contact area on lobes

0° drive angle

Driver tool tolerance reduced by 50% resulting in improved tool/recess fit as compared to Torx®

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Tamper Resistant Torx Plus®
Security Drive System

External Torx Plus® Low Profile Head
Low Clearance Drive System


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External Torx Plus® Flyer     Torx Plus® PDF     Tamper Resistant Torx Plus®

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