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Today's demanding applications require multiple options to achieve the most cost effective designs and proper assembly parameters.

Light MetalsLight Metals

Provides options for assembly into aluminum, zinc, and magnesium with emphasis on compact application designs, temperature expansion /contraction, reusability and decreased debris generation.

Featured Technologies: ALtracs® Plus, TAPTITE PRO®, Mag-Form®

Flow Drilling Screw FasteningFlow Drilling Screw Fastening

Assembly into multilayered sheets of material without the use of a pre-made hole, allow for an assembly and design that secures the joint and resists vibration while still providing the option of disassembly.

Featured Technologies: FDS®, FastFlow® FDS®

Plastics and Composite OptionsPlastics and Composite Options

Thermoplastic, Thermosets, and Composite materials pose various challenges.  Designs that support smaller bosses, cosmetic appearance, clamp load loss, vibration and possible insert removal are addressed by these options.

Featured Technologies: EVO PT®, DELTA PT®, DELTA PT® DS, Remform® II™ Screws

Plastic ComponentsPlastic Components

Alternate clips of plastic can provide design benefits over steel materials.

Featured Technologies: EASYboss® V

Pressed and Molded in TechnologiesPressed and Molded in Technologies

From pressing in studs to secure metals to molded –in options for plastics, these products support application requirements.

Featured Technologies: Strux®, PlasTORX®

Thread LockingThread Locking

Mechanical Locking of threads can provide both cost and design options over using applied materials such as adhesives and patches.

Featured Technologies: POWERLOK® II™

Drive SystemsDrive Systems

Options for off angle driving, faster assembly, high torque demands, multi-functional recesses, security needs to stick fit requirements can be designed into the fastener.

Featured Technologies: TORX Plus®, Phillips Square Driv®, Mortorq® Super

Cross Thread PreventionCross Thread Prevention

Troublesome cross threading into a pre-tapped hole can be eliminated by multiple point design features.

Featured Technologies: MAThread®

Thin Sheet Metal AssembliesThin Sheet Metal Assemblies

Requirements that allow for materials to be thinner without sacrificing assembly performance in the joint can be achieved by different body and thread configurations.

Featured Technologies: SHEETtracs®, FASTITE® 2000™


Multiple grades of steel and designs including high strength applications can be supported by different thread options.

Featured Technologies: Rolok®Rolok® HS®TAPTITE PRO®