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EASYboss® V

Easyboss V
The EASYboss® V for Variable Clamp Thicknesses


EASYboss® V



Accommodates varied clamping thicknesses-meaning one EASYboss® V, instead of multiple metal clip sizes

Easy and safe push-on or automated assembly

Solves corrosion problems inherent with metal clips

No sharp edges, preventing operator injury

Clips do not “nest together” making for faster assembly

High resistance to vibration compared to sheet metal screws and metal clips


Clip designed for use with a Delta PT® Screw

Material - PA66 Heat Stabilized

Color coding options available

Snap fit with double locking feature

For use with

Delta PT

The EJOT EASYboss® V is a fastening element for assembly on varying component thicknesses. The resilient screw boss equalizes the clamping thickness and, at the same time, applies the clamp load for the captive pre-assembly.

EASYboss® V

EASYboss® V:

EASYboss® V functionality for various clamp thicknesses.

With the EJOT EASYboss® V, cost-saving potentials can be realized through standardization.

The EJOT EASYboss® V40 is designed for an EJOT DELTA PT® 40 screw and is used as a subsequently assembled screw boss on components that lack the possibility of direct assembly.

Advantages of EJOT EASYboss® V

Advantages of the EASYboss® V:

  • A fastening element for varying component thicknesses
  • No mix-up possibilities since only one fastening element is necessary
  • Economic efficiency through part reduction
  • High dynamic safety
  • No Corrosion
  • Ergonomic and safe assembly
  • No catching of the parts
  • Consistent tightening torques
  • Prerequisites for automation
  • Recyclable

Technical Data

  • Snap-on thickness range
    C2= 0,8 - 3,0 mm
    C2= 2,5 - 5,5 mm
  • Material: PA66 heat stabilized
  • Tightening torque: 1,6 Nm
  • Screw: EJOT DELTA PT® 40

Installation Note:

  • edge distance B2= 9 mm
  • Hole diameter D6= 7 mm
  • Wall distance E1= 10 mm

EASYboss® V Installation drawing

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EASYboss® V Spec Sheet