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FLOWpoint Delta PT®

FLOWpoint Delta PT®
New Thread/Point Technology for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic

FLOWpoint Delta PT®


No pilot hole required

Easy disassembly and reassembly

Optimized Delta PT® thread forms strong female thread in the carbon fiber reinforced plastic


Couples a unique point feature with Delta PT® thread   

Available in stainless steel, steel and aluminum

FLOWpoint Delta PT® Application Testing Equipment

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FLOWpoint Delta PT


Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) continues to set current and future lightweighting trends in the Automotive Industry.

The FLOWpoint DELTA PT® screw is an innovative fastener developed to meet the challenging demands of joining these highly engineered CFRP materials. It combines two proven EJOT technologies into one screw.

The FLOWpoint DELTA PT® is a self-piercing and self-tapping screw that penetrates both the clamped and mating material without a pilot hole. The optimized DELTA PT® thread geometry forms a strong female thread in the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic.


Features of the FLOWpoint DELTA PT®

  • No pilot hole required; tolerance compensation is possible
  • High-quality threaded joint without part preparation
  • Applicable for many varieties of CFRP
  • Easy disassembly and reassembly
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum
  • Hybrid joining possible (e. g. Aluminum to CFRP)



  1. Rotation of screw and application of axial end load
  2. Warming up and penetration of the material
  3. Screw hole calibration and formation of extrusion
  4. Thread forming
  5. Full thread engagement
  6. Tightening

Assembly Stages

The Recess Drive

Available with most common automotive drive systems


The material

  • Aluminum
  • Through Hardened Steel
  • Stainless Steel



The Tip

The unique self-piercing forming zone and sharp point allow a pilot hole-free, self-tapping screw joint.




The Head Geometry

Available in most common automotive head styles.



The Thread

The renowned DELTA PT® thread has been further optimized to create a strong, reliable, and removable thread for CFRP materials.

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FLOWpoint Delta PT®