Value Through Solutions®


Proven Performance Recess




Self centering

Extended driver tool life

Increased cross-sectional strength

Reduced worker fatigue

Reduced cam-out at higher torques


Advanced cruciform design

Clear identification marks

Origins and Purpose

  • The primary goal was to address a significant issue with Phillips heads: cam-out.
  • Cam-out occurs when the drive recess slips out due to excessive torque, leading to frustration during fastening.

Key Improvements

  • The Pozidriv® drive style retains the self-centering design of the Phillips drive but enhances it in two crucial ways.
    • Increased Torque Without Cam-Out: Pozidriv® screws can handle significantly more torque on the fastener recess than Phillips drives.
    • Greater Surface Contact Engagement: The design ensures better grip and minimizes slipping when installed correctly.

Identifying Pozidriv® Screws

  • Look for four notches marked into the head of a Pozidriv® screw.
  • These notches distinguish it from the Phillips head, which lacks this feature.