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FASTITE® 2000™

Fastite 2000
Fasteners for Thin Sheet Metal

Fastite 2000

Fastite 2000


High resistance to thread stripping

CA point design provides easy entry and extruding action in small holes

Opposing threads of twin helix design prevent off-angle assembly

Excellent resistance to vibrational loosening

Undercut area allows for flush seating even with extruding effect

Undercut accepts material extruded upward



Twin helix thread design

Innovative Radius Profile™ thread

Increased thread cross section under head

CA style point - Available in dull or sharp configuration

Undercut under head


Over the last several years, the industry has improved assembly processes and reduced the size and weight of components made from thin sheet metal and fasteners used to join these components. As a result, 0.5mm thick sheet metal is not an uncommon thickness for a typical assembly. Yet today's assembly solutions are limited and often poorly designed for joint performance and overall cost efficiency.

FASTITE® 2000™ thread-forming screws were developed to create strong mechanical joints with excellent thread engagement into untapped thin sheets while providing the "LOWER IN-PLACE COST SAVINGS" associated with TRILOBULAR™ thread-forming screws. FASTITE® 2000™ screws result in a cost-effective joint with increased failure torque and resistance to stripping when compared to other fastener types and assemblies.

Fastite 2000

FASTITE 2000™ Fastener Performance


M4 x 0.7 x 7mm Pozidriv Undercut Pan Head
w/ Optional Serrations Under Head Zinc Finish


M5 x 0.8 x 9mm Pozidriv Undercut Pan Head
w/ Optional Serrations Under Head Zinc Finish

Material: Steel, 0.8mm and 1.6mm thick
Hardness: RB 85 {Brinell 142 (500kg)} Finish: Plain

M4 FASTITE ® 2000™ Fastener Performance

M4 Steel Graph

M5 FASTITE ® 2000™ Fastener Performance

M5 Steel

Material: Aluminum, 6061-T6, 0.8mm and 1.6mm thick.
Hardness: RB51 {Brinell 84 (500kg)} Finish: Plain

M4 FASTITE® 2000™ Fastener Performance

m4 Aluminum

M5 FASTITE ® 2000™ Fastener Performance

M5 Aluminum


Performance Features

Performance Drawingperformance features

  1. Tapered thread root adjacent to the screw head to maintain major thread diameter close to the head.
  2. Undercut feature to increase assembly failure torque.
  3. Radius Profile™ thread design combined with the twin-lead helix angle provides a mating thread system that engages diametrically opposed threads.
  4. There is no cut-off "CA" style point for extruding in small holes.
  5. TRILOBULAR™ screw thread body to provide "resistance to loosening."

Standard Type AB Screw

Standard-type AB screws lean over as the screw tends to align with the helix angle of the thread. Stripped threads or loose assemblies result.

Fastite 2000 fastener

FASTITE 2000™ fastener starts and finishes straight, providing a secure, tight assembly. The twin-lead thread centers the fastener in the hole.


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