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ACR® Phillips II®

ACR Phillips !!
The Anti Cam-Out Rib System



Off-angle driving

Resists cam-out

Lower end-load required

Extended drive tool life

Faster automated assembly


Vertical ribs contained within Phillips Recess

Mating ribbed driver bits

Defined head markings for identification

ACR® Phillips II® screws and driver bits - the latest enhancements to the most popular fastener system in use throughout the world - offer the Assembly Industry an easy step in the quest for "continuous improvement of its end products. Continuous improvement is not limited to components alone. "Quality" through continuous improvement is also crucial for fastener drive systems used in high-speed mass production of fastener-held assemblies.

The advanced ACR® Phillips II® System has been specifically designed to meet the demands of ever-faster manufacturing processes, which often cause recess cam-out, component surface damage, and well-scrapped components. The improved recess and driver provide more efficient and effective fastener insertion and removal and remain compatible with today's most popular cruciform drive system.

  • The ACR® Phillips II® System improves the off-angle driving efficiency of screws in those difficult assembly locations, which often cause out-of-line driving and lead to reamed recesses, rusty recesses, burred screw heads, and injury. This ACR-enhanced system perpetuates the proven, efficient, bit-to-recess interface required by the industry's fastest automated assembly machines.
  • Extended drive tool life. The ACR® Phillips II® patented recess and driver reduce cam-out occurrences. Cam-out is the action that damages and reduces driver bit performance in the recess. Reduction of bit wear also translates into fewer driver bits per thousand screws driven, a further cost savings.
  • Reduced assembly operator fatigue. Cam-out damages both recesses and driver bits. The only way to compensate for this requires the operator to exert greater end-load pressure on the driving tool. This is both tiring and ergonomically unacceptable for operators over a full shift.
  • Less rework and fewer scrapped components. The more efficient ACR® Phillips II® System allows better fastener control up to required torque levels, resulting in consistent clamp loads. This efficiency achieves greater throughput without the danger of cam-outs and "gun-runs" occurring on expensive component surface finishes.
  • Easier and safer operator guidance. The typically demanding operator guidance of drill screws and thread-forming screws during assembly becomes far easier and safer.
  • Improved manual and automated operations. Bit-to-recess insertion, an inherent and invaluable feature of a cruciform driving system ever since the first Phillips® screws appeared on the market, remains a feature of the improved ACR® Phillips II® drive system.
  • Off-angle driving improvement. Precise axial alignment during screw insertion and service removal is the optimum for torque transmission efficiency. However, ideal conditions are not usually possible when complex products require field service. The new ACR® Phillips II® recess and driver routinely excel under difficult conditions, ensuring screw removal and re-insertion with greater ease and safety.

Lock in quality and cost-effective assembly operations with the ACR® Phillips II® system.

ACR® Phillips II®

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