Value Through Solutions®


High Performance Thread Rolling Screw




Creates high quality mating threads

Eliminates tapping costs

Eliminates chips and burrs

Resists vibrational loosening


Patented 360° asymmetrical thread-forming lobes

Spiral thread form for ease of assembly

Patented "Vibrational Resistant" thread forming screw

ROLOK® thread rolling fasteners for metals offer a unique spiral thread form to achieve excellent drive-to-strip performance in many challenging applications, resulting in lower in-place fastening costs.

ROLOK® Benefits

ROLOK® Benefits Include:

360-degree asymmetrical spiral profile that rolls forms high-quality mating threads

Eliminates costs associated with tapping holes

Excellent drive-to-strip ratio

High resistance to vibration loosening (meets or exceeds IFI 124/524)

Virtually eliminates chips and debris

Increases assembly line productivity

Use with a variety of nut materials

ROLOK® fasteners




ROLOK® fasteners offer improved drive-to-strip ratios compared with other common thread rolling designs.

Performance in Unique Applications

ROLOK® fasteners have been proven to be especially useful in aluminum C-channels and other similar designs due to their spiral profile body, which gives improved engagement and more repeatable performance. Additionally, the improved bearing surface at the shoulder/thread transition radius has proven beneficial when used as a compression-limiting shoulder bolt.

Performance in Unique Applications

Heat Treatment

  • Case hardening is considered the standard heat treatment for ROLOK® fasteners in general steel applications. (Core RC 28-38, Surface RC 45 Minimum)
  • Through hardening may be used for applications in “soft white” metals such as aluminum or zinc alloys.
  • Induction hardening should be used to address high-strength or structural safety steel applications.


Coatings and Platings

Various coating and plating options can be applied to ROLOK® fasteners to meet specific customer requirements for corrosion resistance and joint performance.


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