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Cold Formed Specials

Cold Formed Specials

ColdFormed Specials



Complex Shapes

Complex Shapes

Semblex specializes in complex shapes and designs.  No two applications may be alike and may require a functioning “special” to fulfill the demanding requirements.

Blow Headers

Machine Capabilities

Multi-die heading capabilities range from 2 dies 3 blow headers for miniature screws up to 6 die 6 blow for large diameter products.



In-House drilling supports a wide variety of parts and industries:  From brake assemblies, vented fasteners, to specialized applications with critical requirements.

Screw machine conversion

Screw Machine Conversions

Significant cost savings through scrap reduction (as material is moved not removed)

Improved product strength with cold forming process

Tight tolerances can be achieved

Parts Consolidation

Parts Consolidation

Combines multi-piece components into one piece designs

Eliminates part numbers to be managed

Simplifies assembly process and reduces cycle time


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Speciality Components

What is Cold Heading you ask?  Discover... 
The Cold Hard Facts of Cold Heading (722 KB)

The Cold Hard Facts of Cold Heading

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