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Key Promotions Leadership Team

  • Dec 6, 2023

Semblex Corporation announces key promotions to their leadership team.

Jim Schuler


Jim Schuler has been promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Since joining Semblex in 2002, Mr. Schuler has served in various roles within the sales organization, most recently as the Director of Field Sales. He has been instrumental in developing our customer relationships, our approach to the market, and creating the exceptional sales team we have today.


Ben Ripley


Ben Ripley, the Director of New Business Development, has been promoted to Director of Field Sales. Mr. Ripley joined Semblex in 2022, bringing extensive industry knowledge and experience to the Semblex Team.


Liz Petersen


Liz Petersen has been promoted to Director of Purchasing. Ms. Petersen has held critical roles in various departments over her 20+ years at Semblex, most recently as the Purchasing Manager for Sourced Products. Her professionalism, organizational insight, and industry knowledge make her ideal for this new leadership role.

Joe Czarny


Joe Czarny has been promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing Technology. Since rejoining Semblex in 2013, Mr. Czarny has led the growth and expansion of our tooling and maintenance teams and has been a key driver in Semblex’s investment strategy for manufacturing. His industry knowledge, technical skills, and experience make him ideal for this new role.

About Semblex

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